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Zuckerberg takes over the AI ​​baton and gives developers a fluffy llama


Zuckerberg takes over the AI ​​baton and gives developers a fluffy llama

Meta* and Microsoft have released the open source Llama 2 model.

International IT giant Meta* introduced a new set of AI models called Llama 2. Unlike the previous LLaMA model, this version is available for free download and use not only for scientific purposes. Developers can use Llama 2 for their commercial and creative projects.

The set includes AI programs of various sizes, from seven to seventy billion parameters. More than 1 million user annotations were taken into account for training. The developers used controlled finishing techniques and reinforcement learning to improve quality and safety. Models available on cloud platforms Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Hugging Face.

Meta* CEO Mark Zuckerberg stressed that open source is driving progress because it allows more users to try out new technologies. Therefore, it was decided to make Llama 2 open as well. “When software is in the public domain, more people can study it and notice potential problems,” Zuckerberg said.

However, there are still limitations. Companies wishing to use the program to support over 700 million monthly active users must request a special license from Meta*.

The new version is based on the architecture of the previous one, but is trained on more tokens and is able to process more text. However, experts warned that Llama 2 is not yet perfect and may generate “offensive or biased content.”

The developers are confident that the free Llama 2 will open up new horizons for companies to experiment with AI. For example, chip maker Qualcomm has already announced plans to create “AI implementations based on Llama 2” for smartphones and PCs starting in 2024.

The first LLaMA was announced in February. Then Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that the development “will provide promising opportunities in the field of generating texts, dialogues, summarizing text data and performing more complex tasks, including proving theorems and predicting the structure of proteins.”

* Company Meta and the company’s products (Instagram and Facebook) are recognized as extremist organizations; their activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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