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Cooler Master’s first PC with compact liquid cooling and cool sneaker case.


Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 3:08:03 PM, Indochina time.

Building the perfect off-the-shelf PC for gaming and content creation has been around since the early days of home computing. While we didn’t call it content creation back then, in 2023 all-in-one desktop PCs come in many forms. But with the fact that Cooler Master is the core of the case and cooling. And now they’re ready to launch an all-in-one desktop PC that’s exciting in and of itself.

The Cooling X and Sneaker X both have eye-catching designs. “A stylish desktop PC inspired by iconic sneakers” Designed specifically for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors, the Cooling X is impressive as a fully liquid-cooled compact desktop PC with a Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card.

The Cooling X features a custom built-in pump designed for quiet, efficient liquid cooling. with solutions including a dedicated liquid-cooled side panel (one for the CPU and one for the GPU) – which is how the PC keeps its overall size in check.

When it comes to size The form factor is definitely the small end of the scale, with dimensions of 266 x 149.4 x 371.6mm. An integrated handgrip makes setup a breeze. And it’s something that easily plugs into most desk setups. Cooler Master also noted that at full load, The overall noise level of the Cooling X is around 28dB, which is impressive. and only an 8dB increase from the 20dB idle quietness level.

If Cooling X is liquid cooling in an innovative small form factor, the Sneaker X will replace it when it comes to style. A giant red sneaker that supports high-end gaming and content creation PCs? Yes, it’s a bold and bold choice, with Sneaker X making its first appearance at the Case Mod World Series 2020.

Although the shape may look strange. Instead, it’s designed to support standard components such as mini-ITX form-factor motherboards, SFX PSUs, and even 3-slot GPUs. Designed for work and style The dimensions of this shoe are 650 x 306 x 651 mm, so they take up more space on your desk than actual sneakers unless they are the shoes of a giant robot of the future.

Cooler Master CEO Jimmy Sha said: “I am thrilled that Cooling X and Sneaker X are cutting-edge desktop PCs that demonstrate our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design.” These products are a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our users. From gamers to creators and businesses, our mission is to create products that help our customers stand out and embrace their creative identity.”

Cooling X is launching at the end of June. Priced at $6,999, the Sneaker X is currently launching in early July. Priced at $5,999, both are expected to be showcased in full at Computex 2023.

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