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To buy an Apple Vision Pro, you’ll need an appointment, head scan, and prescription details


To buy an Apple Vision Pro, you’ll need an appointment, head scan, and prescription details

You must be prepared for a special purchase procedure.

Apple introduces the Vision Pro, an innovative virtual and augmented reality helmet, to the market for the first time. The device will cost $3,500 and is expected to be available early next year, however availability will be limited.

According to information Bloomberg , the purchase of Vision Pro will require a special procedure. Customers will first need to make an appointment, where special equipment and an iPhone app will measure their head size in order to select the right headband and seal. For those who prefer online ordering, there is the option to have your head scanned at home using the app. Customers who wear eyeglasses will be required to provide their prescription details in order for the helmet to be fitted with the appropriate lenses.

While Apple plans to roll out the Vision Pro in all of its 270 stores across the US, demos will only be installed in major metropolitan areas such as New York and Los Angeles. We also note that the possibility of online shopping will not be available until 2025, which is why the first buyers will be forced to go to the nearest store.

Officially, this launch strategy is meant to give developers time to build quality software. However, production issues may have been the true cause. Preliminary information is that Apple cut its Vision Pro production targets by almost 90 percent, from 1 million units to 130,000 to 150,000 in the first year.

Sales will be limited to the United States at first, with international sales starting at the end of 2024. The UK and Canada are expected to be the first markets outside the US, followed by Asia and Europe. The localization process for French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean is already underway.

In addition, Apple is rumored to have delayed the launch of more affordable Vision Pro models until 2025. This move towards “spatial computing” appears to be a strategy aimed primarily at early adopters and enthusiasts. The question of whether there are attractive scenarios for the use of virtual and augmented reality helmets in addition to 3D media remains open.

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