Home Tech Google services such as Gmail, Drive and YouTube are down 2020

Google services such as Gmail, Drive and YouTube are down 2020

Google services such as Gmail, Drive and YouTube are down 2020

  • Google is one of the world’s largest IT corporations, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to problems.
  • All Google services, including Google Drive, Gmail and YouTube, have crashed since the writing of this post.
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It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if all of their networks would unexpectedly fail in a world where everything goes to and from Google.

Well this unlikely scenario has now become very very complicated, as almost all Google services, along with YouTube, seem to be no longer available.

Google services are experiencing a complete breakdown

The service interruption had barely started less than an hour ago, according to DownDetector, but the number of complaints had already easily surpassed 2000.

Not only is Google down of course, but so are its applications, including Google Drive and Gmail.

An error code 500, an error message that we’ve covered before in this step-by-step tutorial, satisfies those using Google Drive.

Gmail users have even more issues, as they experience a number of error messages, many of which are also discussed in the following articles:

  • Gmail account not signing in
  • Gmail settings are out of date
  • Gmail not receiving emails
  • Gmail attachment errors
  • Gmail encountered a problem
  • Something went wrong in Gmail

Finally, those of you searching for some online digital entertainment will still have to wait for it since this complete Google failure has also impacted YouTube, so don’t be shocked if you notice that something went wrong.

Back in August, Google and YouTube had a similar outage, and the outage lasted for several hours.

This incident does nothing more than remind us of how dependent we are on Google as a service especially now when Internet usage is higher than ever in the context of a global pandemic.

Unfortunately, no news about the problem has yet come out from any Google authorities, but we hope it will be short-lived.

How have you been influenced by the collapse of Google’s services? Let us know in the comments section below by leaving us your posts.


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