Designer of Indian Jewellery Makes Exclusive Earrings for Apple AirPods


Although Apple’s AirPods come packed with a lot of nifty features, the fact that the one-fit-for-all is not convenient for many users does not alter. Many people , for example, have ears where Apple’s earbuds do not suit at all. Now, with their new AirPods Pro that comes with multi-size silicone ear-tips, Apple addressed this issue, the older-gen versions do not have this option.

 So, a jewellery designer from India stepped up to create an earring design to solve this irritating problem, which can keep the earbuds of the OG AirPods and AirPods 2 in place when they are in your ears.

The “Pebble Pods” and the “Minimal / Active Tall Pods” are two newly added earrings from the store’s range, created by Suhani Parekh, the founder of the emerging jewellery brand Misho. Although the “Pebble Pods” have a distinctive look, the “Minimal / Active Tall Pods” appear to be only a contraption to keep the buds attached to your ears.

According to the designer, “life suddenly became so much more digital after the Coronavirus-led pandemic.” She added, “I was still on the internet, on video calls, at the Zoom meeting, and I decided to crack on those long overdue workouts like a lot of us.”

The AirPods were still her primary preference for mobile audio in order to assist with her multimedia agendas and virtual conferences. They would often fall out of my ears, though, “she continued,” I was always afraid that the AirPod would just pop [out] and I would end up losing it. This fear led her, therefore, to develop an earring design that not only complements but also keeps the AirPods in place.

"Contraction for AirPods" Pods

Now, with a circular contraption in the centre, the Pebble Pods have a distinctive shape which extends to both sides. To offer a snug fit for them, the contraption is made a little wider than the stem of the buds. All in all, even without earbuds, it looks like a stunning earring.

The Minimal/ Active Tall Pods, on the other hand, look like a pair of dedicated ear holders for your ears. It has a pipe-like top-open shape that sticks to the AirPods and then you can only pierce these holders in your ears through the earrings holes.

Now, the design of these accessories is pretty nuts, but it makes sense. In addition, as AirPods have become one of the most common Apple accessories on the market, there is tremendous demand for such incredible and revolutionary products.

Two finishes are available for both earring designs: 22 K Gold Gloss and White Gold. Now, it comes with a higher price tag than the Tall Pods, as the Pebble Pods have a special design. So, you have to shed $121.06 (~Rs 8,913) if you want a pair of Pebble Pods. The Tall Pods have a lower price of $74.81 (~Rs 5,507), on the other hand.

From Misho’s official website, you can pre-order Pebble Pods and Tall Pods.

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